An Always on Internet connection, fast reliable web browsing, instant messaging, and gaming. This particular program is meant for customers with minimal multimedia requirements.

Data Transfer Limits:

All of our residential programs have monthly transfer limits associated with them. These limits are in place to provide a mixture of programs between the economical and extremely capable so our customers can find a service and price level that match their Internet usage, as well as insure everyone's enjoyment of a fast internet experience. If you exceed your program limitations your speed may be reduced for the remainder of that month. If you exceed your program limitations repeatedly you will be asked to go to the next level of service or your account may be suspended.

Tier 1 - 50GB per month


A feature that allows you to burst for the initial period of your file transfers. The duration and speed of the burst varies with the level of your service.

Tier-1 : Bursts up to 3 Mbps for 20 seconds

After the initial burst period has expired the transfer speed will drop to your normal program speed which is shown below:

Tier-1 : up to 1 Mbps down / up to 512 Kbps up