An Always on Internet connection with fast reliable web browsing, instant messaging, hosting, VPN, VOIP, telecommuting, video conferencing, and multimedia. Our Business Class service comes with 24/7/365 phone support and on-site service. Typical on-site responce time is 1 hour.

Static IP Addresses:

All of our Business Class services come with static IP addresses. The number of useable addresses that come standard varies with the program selected.

Professional - 5 Static IP Addresses, additional IP addresses are available for an additional monthly fee.

upgrade to 13 useable IP addresses $15.00 per month

Data Transfer Limits:

All of our commercial limited programs have monthly transfer limits associated with them, however these limitations are more than generous enough to satisfy your Internet needs provided you select a level of service that best suits your company's Internet needs.

Professional - 750GB per month


A feature that allows you to burst for the initial period of your file transfers. The speed and duration of the burst varies with the level of your service.

Professional : Bursts up to 50 Mpbs down / 50 Mbps up for 30 seconds

After the initial burst period has expired the transfer speed will drop to your normal program speed which is shown below:

Professional : up to 20 Mpbs down / up to 10 Mbps up